Week 14

Summer Solstice

Last week our emotions were as mixed as the weather. Sunshine one minute, rain the next. Be assured, if you felt ok one minute, and unsettled the next, you were in good company!

I watched the sunset at Stonehenge (virtually of course), and it was truly magical.

As the darkness slowly descended my most powerful thought was how lucky we are in the UK that these strange times have occurred during the build up to summer. The days are longer and we have been able to appreciate the earth at it’s finest. I also sent thanks to all the key workers who have worked so hard during these difficult times. We cannot thank them enough for their care and dedication.

The word Solstice comes from the latin Sol, which means to stop or stand still. So many of us have had the luxury to do just that, which means we have noticed more of the natural beauty around us. We can appreciate the little and most important things in life – flowers, birds and green spaces, health and family.

“Summertime is always the best of what might be”

Charles Bowden

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