Good news at last!

The news this week has been a very welcome and positive step for close contact services such as Reflexology by Lyn. Although the date of 12th April is only provisional, it at least gives us a goal to aim for.

Reflexology has been one of the affected therapies in all of the UK lockdowns in 2020 and 2021. It has been a testing time as a reflexologist. It’s been hard not being able to support clients in the usual way, and the lack of income has been difficult.

The positives during this time have been finding out different ways to adapt and to support each other. The reflexology communities from all over the world have been a massive support to each other. We have been able to share our experiences, update our knowledge, and learn new techniques. Which will in turn benefit you, our clients, when we next see you.

What else have I been up to?

Apart from keeping in touch with clients, I’ve done a few free courses from http://futurelearn – they have so many to choose from, its hard to pick which one interests you the most. They are easy to follow and you can work at your own pace. I’m trying hard with French and Spanish on http://duolingo which is a free language app.

For physical challenges I’ve been running every day in February, and doing yoga 2-3 times per week. The weather this month has been very mixed – some days I’ve had five layers on, plus gloves and hat! As we have been able to exercise with one other person, the social side of running and catching up with friends at the same time has been a life-saver. I’ve also done some long walks, again with one friend at a time. Friends and fresh air at the same time equals feeling good!

I have joined in with the http://sofasingers on numerous occasions. I really miss going to my weekly choir, but these sessions are the next best thing! There’s nothing as uplifting as a good sing, even if you’re out of tune…

I have been doing some voluntary ‘check in and chat’ calls, and it is nice to speak to people to see how they have been managing during lockdown. I’ve also been supporting some new friends with a ‘walk and chat’ – some people are nervous about going out after such a long time, but with a little encouragement they have made good progress. I take my hat off to all parents and grandparents who are home-schooling. All the teachers working from home have also been amazing. The key workers who have kept everything going are truly inspirational, in whatever role they perform. Thanks to everyone who has played their part.

Here’s to the future, we will get there. In the meantime, I am here to support you for a walk, run, chat, or video call, if you want some company, or just someone to listen. Stay safe and I can’t wait to see you again in the clinic soon!

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