Thank you!

To everyone who has visited Reflexology by Lyn this year!

Since we were allowed back to work in April 2021, it has been a busy year. Some clients were understandably nervous about coming back to the clinic, and chose to wait a while before returning. Others couldn’t wait to re-start their sessions, and realised how much they had missed their time of relaxation and selfcare.

This year saw people coming to the clinic for a whole host of reasons. It was my absolute privilege to be able to give you the time you needed to rest and relax. Personal contact was something that everyone missed this year. A therapy of choice -reflexology, reiki or Indian Head Massage -a listening ear, and an hour to rebalance was just what was needed.

So if you came once to visit as a new client, as a monthly, weekly or 4 times per year client – I thank you!

I hope I helped in some small way to see you through this strange year. We still have a way to go before we can get back to ‘normal’. However, people are realising that self-care is not a luxury. We need to look after ourselves in order for us to look after others. The past year has taught us this.

Thank you, and best wishes to you all.

Lyn x

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