Governing Bodies and Healthcare Providers

I have recently added the support of the Association of Reflexologists to my portfolio, for me and for my clients. This will run alongside my existing body – Professional Reflexology. Both associations are there for support with queries and advice. They have been especially helpful during lockdown, when new procedures and guidelines were being updated, almost daily.

Being a member also means that clients who have their own healthcare cover will be able to claim either a percentage or the full amount back from a treatment, if their provider covers complementary therapies. Do check first, if you are unsure whether or not you will be able to claim. You can say I am a member of PR and AOR, and this will help the process. I will issue you with a receipt, which can be sent to your provider for your reimbursement.

Some clients have paid out for health cover for years, and yet they have not thought to take advantage of any claims for complementary therapies. If you are one of these people – what are you waiting for!

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