About Me

My interest in reflexology began years ago when I was away on holiday. I experienced such an improvement in my well-being after one treatment, and I wanted to find out more. I have been studying and updating my knowledge on reflexology ever since! As well as working from home and mobile visits I work at Claire House Children’s Hospice in Wirral as a volunteer therapist.

I am qualified with Centralia Reflexology Mastership Level 5 (CRM5), which is the highest level of reflexology qualification in the UK. I am a registered member of Professional Reflexology.

I am very privileged to be part of my clients’ reflexology journey. I am also more than happy to see anyone on a one-off basis – it is always a pleasure to introduce reflexology to anyone who would like to try it!

I care very much for each of my clients and am passionate about their well-being. I will work with you at each session to ensure you receive the maximum benefit from each personally tailored treatment.

I am always amazed by the positive effects I have seen from reflexology, but never surprised!

About Reflexology

‘See to the feet, my friend, and you have seen to the body.’
Outo, Japanese mythology

Using key pressure points on the foot or hand, reflexology increases blood flow and energy, which in turn promotes relaxation and enhances well-being. 

Reflexology relaxes the whole body, holistically and physically. A treatment will leave you feeling amazing. It may intercept the challenges within the body and bring relief from many health conditions. This is why reflexology is the most popular holistic treatment today.

Reflexology is not a new therapy, it has been around for thousands of years and was first brought to Britain in the 1960’s. There are now many different techniques of using pressure and touch to link to a specific area in the body, and knowledge is increasing rapidly.

Reflexologists do not diagnose or allege to cure medical conditions but treatments may help to alleviate symptoms of physical and mental trauma or stress, which can initiate homeostasis within the body.